August 1, 2017

the royal air force club

nature of works

We are currently undertaking extensive Enabling Works at the RAF Club in preparation of the development of an additional wing which will house 17 bedrooms.

Works commenced 13/02/2017 and involve a number of logistical challenges based on the location of the site. The RAF Club is landlocked which means that we have had to develop detailed technical models demonstrating to the Client how Crane works will be undertaken and, how successful demolition and piling will be achieved. In addition, we have had to liaise heavily with Westminster Council to ensure that appropriate traffic and pedestrian management has been developed based on the high profile, busy location that the Works are taking place in.

The team have worked on similar projects that have involved significant logistical challenges and are confident that the RAF Club Enabling works project will meet our existing high standards.

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June 2017

We are currently installing a loading platform for the tower crane to store items on.

We did not get permission (party wall agreement) to install between our neighbouring properties so had to come up with an ingenious idea of a self-supporting platform from the front parapet to the wall above.

It is floating so that it doesn’t encroach onto the main roof.  Installation has taken 3 weeks and over 8 tons of steel has been installed.

July 2017

Over the weekend of the 29th/ 30th July we undertook a major element of our project works which involved the erection of the tower crane which will enable the main building works to take place. Meticulous planning by the project team ensured that the crane was installed successfully within the timetabled period.


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